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State Capitol Lincoln

Nebraska lawmakers to debate medical marijuana legalization

State Capitol Lincoln

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At the state capital yesterday a bill that expand offerings and firework stand locations was being debated, but much of the debate centered around why are we even having this debate? Senator Megan Hunt of Omaha says 2020 saw a plethora of issues that the legislature should be working on, but haven’t begun to discuss.


When it comes to the economic impact of the bill being debate, Hunt pointed to another issue that Senators, have yet to debate, but the Governor has been strongly opposed to...medical marijuana.


The full legislative debate on medical marijuana will be coming as the Members of the Judiciary Committee advanced the measure yesterday afternoon. 


Lawmakers are expected to debate the bill, but opponents are likely to block it with a filibuster. Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has also made it clear that he opposes it. 


Should the bill not pass, supporters have already singled their intent for a single subject petition drive to put the issue on the 2022 general election ballot, after it was taken away by a last minute court challenge in 2020.



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